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    Rand Paul is Wrong


    Republican Senator Rand Paul has long been a favorite among rank-and-file fiscal conservatives and libertarians. Thursday night, Paul added to his popularity by taking to the floor of the Senate to delay passage of Trump’s latest bipartisan spending deal. In his speech, Senator Paul called Republicans “intellectually dishonest” and “hypocrites” because they supported President Trump’s […]

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    Memo Madness and Super Bowl Silliness


    Much has happened since last week: Trump released a memo from the House Intelligence Committee which sheds some light on the Russia collusion investigation; the Superbowl came and went with surprisingly little in the way of anti-Trump messaging (unlike last year), and the Dow Jones Industrial Average takes a 1000-point drop for the first time […]

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    Anthony Leonardi’s analysis of the State of the Union featured on the Washington Examiner


    Co-Founder of Think Outside Politics, Anthony Leonardi, recently released an analysis of the State of the Union on the Red Alert Politics section of the Washington Examiner. “What does President Trump’s State of the Union address tell millennials and the leaders of tomorrow? Trump emphasized the idea that our elected officials and public servants are […]

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    What to Look For at the State of the Union

    Analysis, Podcasts

    The State of the Union is nearly upon us. If you’re excited about this, you might be a political junkie like us. On this week of Think Outside Politics, we’ll give you our exclusive, in-depth political analysis and our State of the Union predictions. Also available on iTunes! Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: […]

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    Political Issue Analysis: Merit-Based Immigration


    On Thursday, January 12th, the Washington Post reported that President Trump, while meeting with both Democratic and Republican Senators in the Oval Office to discuss a bipartisan immigration deal, asked: “Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?” Reportedly, this remark was made after lawmakers suggested the idea of protecting immigrants […]

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    What is Net Neutrality?


    Net neutrality: Broadly, the slogan means everything on the internet should be equally accessible — that the internet should be a place where great ideas compete on equal terms with big money. But are the “Net Neutrality” regulations really a Net-Positive on the American consumer? We discuss this and more in this week’s episode of […]

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