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    The Dinesh D’Souza Special


    As you may have noticed, we have not posted a podcast since the end of March. We’ve taken this time to reformat our style and intend to bring you unique analyses and opinions you haven’t heard before. Today, we’re happy to relaunch our podcast with an exclusive interview with filmmaker and New York Times bestselling […]

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    Florida student voters: What has Bill Nelson done for you recently?


    Check out Anthony Leonardi’s analysis on the Florida senate race, featured in the Washington Examiner. Excerpt: “The 2018 midterm election is an important, consequential one. There are issues that college students across the country need to consider. They should not vote along party lines. Rather, they should independently examine the record of their elected officials […]

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    The Politics of Omnibus Bills and Gun Debates


    Did you know that the government is now funding research into the sexual promiscuity of Japanese quails on cocaine? When people say omnibus, they leave no stone unturned. Plus, we discuss the “March For Our Lives.” Are these inspired youngsters making history? What is the government’s role when it comes to regulating firearm ownership? We’ll […]

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    Bipartisan policy always has bipartisan criticism


    It’s been a hectic two weeks in American politics. Gun control has stayed in the national conversation since the Stoneman Douglas shooting three weeks ago, with President Trump suggesting a course of action traditionally opposed by Republicans… but will this end up being a win for him and the country? We’ll also talk President Trump’s […]

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    The Politics of Wakanda and Utah


    On this week of Think Outside Politics, we cover the news of the past two weeks. Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee for president, has announced that he is running for a US Senate seat in Utah. The highly anticipated Black Panther is finally out and we’ll give you our in-depth cultural analysis of the film. We’ll also […]

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    Rand Paul is Wrong


    Republican Senator Rand Paul has long been a favorite among rank-and-file fiscal conservatives and libertarians. Thursday night, Paul added to his popularity by taking to the floor of the Senate to delay passage of Trump’s latest bipartisan spending deal. In his speech, Senator Paul called Republicans “intellectually dishonest” and “hypocrites” because they supported President Trump’s […]

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    Memo Madness and Super Bowl Silliness


    Much has happened since last week: Trump released a memo from the House Intelligence Committee which sheds some light on the Russia collusion investigation; the Superbowl came and went with surprisingly little in the way of anti-Trump messaging (unlike last year), and the Dow Jones Industrial Average takes a 1000-point drop for the first time […]

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