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    Grandmaster Donald Trumpov

    Analysis, Opinion

    President Trump poses a unique challenge for political analysts and journalists. Few, if any, have been able to predict the actions he will take. Nearly every aspect of his decision-making can seem bewildering, from his unconventional cabinet appointments to his sporadic outbursts on Twitter regarding domestic and foreign policy. Democrats have developed a canonical interpretation […]

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    2017: Year of the Constitution

    Analysis, Opinion

    Around this time last year, it was fashionable to complain about how horrible the year 2016 was. This was partly because of an inordinate number of terror attacks and increased tensions between cops and black communities. But the primary motivation was, of course, the November victory for Donald Trump – the biggest American presidential upset […]

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    STAR WARS: The Last Interesting Character

    Analysis, Opinion

    [SPOILER ALERT] Let’s begin with the two most exciting moments of The Last Jedi. First is the fight scene between a dozen or so imperial guards and a Rey/Kylo duo. Second is where Vice Admiral Holdo splits the First Order Dreadnought in half by jumping to lightspeed. These scenes were fun to watch, unlike scenes of […]

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    Alabama Round-up: Who Did the Right Thing?


    The Alabama Senate race was a thorny, unpleasant affair. Voters became jurors in an extrajudicial public trial, and weighed their individual judgments against other pressing moral issues. Party operatives struggled to predict the future in order to avoid coming down on the wrong side of public opinion. Politicians postured and positioned themselves in the best […]

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    Why Your Friends Love Net Neutrality

    Analysis, Opinion

    If you are anything like me, you are confused why so many people have recently fallen in love with an obscure bureaucratic policy regarding internet service. Your friends swear that “Net Neutrality” is the key to saving the internet from evil corporations who want to do… something. You turn to your wonky, computer-whiz friend for […]

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    Competing Show Trials


    Ever since Donald Trump’s election, the 24-hour news cycle has been saturated with Russia. The undying flame was fanned again this week by revelations that Trump’s former campaign chair, Paul Manafort, profited by supporting a pro-Russia Ukrainian government while working for a company with substantial ties to the Democrat Party (including Hillary’s former campaign chair). […]

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    Normal vs. New Normal


    Moral grandstanding against President Trump has become a cottage industry among the Republican establishment in Washington. Prominent members of the Party from Mitt Romney to former President Bush have made full speeches against Trumpism. Senator Jeff Flake is merely the most recent iteration of this phenomenon, and there will surely be more to come. If […]

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    The alt-Right visits UF Campus


    White Nationalism is national news once again, as Richard Spencer speaks at the University of Florida. This is his first campus event since the Charlottesville tragedy, and emotions are running high. The costs of adequate security were estimated to be as high as $600,000 dollars, and Governor Rick Scott stepped in to declare a state […]

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