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    My New Year’s Wish: Make Rationality Great Again

    Analysis, Opinion

    Waking up to 2018, I see that America has led the charge against the human rights violations happening in Iran. In the early hours of New Years Day, President Trump tweeted: “Iran is failing at every level despite the terrible deal made with them by the Obama Administration. The great Iranian people have been repressed […]

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    What is the alt-Right?

    Analysis, Opinion

    By: Anthony Leonardi   On October 19, Richard Spencer, chairman of the white supremacist think-tank the National Policy Institute, took the stage at the University of Florida’s Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. Upon his entrance, he was greeted with the chant, “Go Home Spencer! Go Home Spencer! Go Home Spencer!”.   After the event […]

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    Is Support for Globalism fading on a Global Scale?

    Analysis, Expositions

    On Sunday, September 24th, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany and Christian Social Union in Bavaria won the plurality vote (32.8%). The win allows Angela Merkel to serve a fourth term as Chancellor of Germany.   Since her initial election in 2005, Merkel has presided over an economically strong Germany. Germany has become the strongest […]

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    The Russian Collusion Controversy

    Analysis, Opinion

    Did the Trump Campaign Collude with Russia? It’s the question that’s been covered from head to toe by the media since November 9. It’s a question that has widened the political chasm of the US in a dangerous way. The problem is… Every day the American public turns on the TV to watch the news, […]

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